Ten Years Continuous Cover calculator

This calculator is for people who are already paying a Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading on their hospital cover. It will help you determine if you have paid a loading on your hospital cover for ten years.

It is based on the provisions of the Private Health Insurance Act 2007. Under that legislation, any loading you are required to pay ceases after ten continuous years, or where more than ten years have elapsed, after ten years only interrupted by certain periods overseas, or other permitted breaks.

You will need the following information:

  • Periods of hospital cover with loading – Records of any periods where you paid a loading for your hospital cover, or had your hospital cover suspended by your insurer. You can obtain this information from your relevant health insurance fund.
  • LHC Base Day – If you do not take out hospital cover on or before your LHC base day, you will pay a loading if you later take out hospital cover. This day is usually 1 July following your 31st birthday, but this can vary depending on your specific circumstances. If you do not know your LHC base day, you can find it by using the Lifetime Health Cover calculator.
  • Time overseas – The dates of any periods where you were overseas for more than 12 months. You can obtain a copy of your international movement record (Request for international movement records) from the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Alternative cover – records for any periods where you had your health care covered by the Australian Defence Forces, the Antarctic Division or under a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card.