Sleep studies - MBS item (12205)

The following MBS item is included in this clinical category.

Follow-up study for a patient aged 18 years or more with a sleep-related breathing disorder, following professional attendance on the patient by a qualified adult sleep medicine practitioner or consultant respiratory physician (either face-to-face or by video conference), if: (a) any of the following subparagraphs applies: (i) there has been a recurrence of symptoms not explained by known or identifiable factors such as inadequate usage of treatment, sleep duration or significant recent illness; (ii) there has been a significant change in weight or changes in co-morbid conditions that could affect sleep-related breathing disorders, and other means of assessing treatment efficacy (including review of data stored by a therapy device used by the patient) are unavailable or have been equivocal; (iii) the patient has undergone a therapeutic intervention (including, but not limited to, positive airway pressure, upper airway surgery, positional therapy, appropriate oral appliance, weight loss of more than 10% in the previous 6 months or oxygen therapy), and there is either clinical evidence of sub-optimal response or uncertainty about control of sleep-disordered breathing; and (b) a sleep technician is in continuous attendance under the supervision of a qualified adult sleep medicine practitioner; and (c) there is continuous monitoring and recording, performed in accordance with current professional guidelines, of the following measures: (i) airflow; (ii) continuous EMG; (iii) anterior tibial EMG; (iv) continuous ECG; (v) continuous EEG; (vi) EOG; (vii) oxygen saturation; (viii) respiratory movement (chest and abdomen); (ix) position; and (d) polygraphic records are: (i) analysed (for assessment of sleep stage, arousals, respiratory events, cardiac abnormalities and limb movements) with manual scoring, or manual correction of computerised scoring in epochs of not more than 1 minute; and (ii) stored for interpretation and preparation of a report; and (e) interpretation and preparation of a permanent report is provided by a qualifiedadult sleep medicine practitioner with personal direct review of raw data from the original recording of polygraphic data from the patient; and (f) the follow-up study is not provided to the patient on the same occasion that a service mentioned in any of items 11000, 11003, 11004,11005, 11503, 11704, 11705, 11707, 11713, 11714, 11716, 11717, 11723, 11735or 12250 is provided to the patient Applicable only once in any 12 month period

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