Skin - MBS item (30311)

The following MBS item is included in this clinical category.

SENTINEL LYMPH NODE BIOPSY or biopsies for cutaneous melanoma, using preoperative lymphoscintigraphy and lymphotropic dye injection, if: (a) the primary lesion is greater than 1.0 mm in depth (or at least 0.8 mm in depth in the presence of ulceration); and (b) appropriate excision of the primary melanoma has occurred; and (c) the service is not associated with a service to which item 30075, 30078, 30299, 30300, 30302, 30303, 30329, 30332, 30618, 30820,31423, 52025 or 52027 applies. Applicable to only one lesion per occasion on which the service is provided (H) (Anaes.) (Assist.)

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