Plastic and reconstructive surgery (medically necessary) - MBS item (45564)

The following MBS item is included in this clinical category.

Free transfer of tissue reconstructive surgery for the repair of major tissue defect due to congenital deformity, surgery or trauma, involving anastomoses of up to 2 vessels using microvascular techniques and including raising of tissue on a vascular or neurovascular pedicle, preparation of recipient vessels, transfer of tissue, insetting of tissue at recipient site and direct repair of secondary cutaneous defect if performed, other than a service associated with a service to which item 30165, 30168, 30171, 30172, 30176, 30177, 30179, 45501, 45502, 45504, 45505 or 45562 applies-conjoint surgery, principal specialist surgeon (H) (Anaes.) (Assist.)

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