Plastic and reconstructive surgery (medically necessary) - MBS item (45019)

The following MBS item is included in this clinical category.

Full face chemical peel for severely sun-damaged skin, if: (a) the damage affects at least 75% of the facial skin surface area; and (b) the damage involves photo-damage (dermatoheliosis); and (c) the photo-damage involves: (i) a solar keratosis load exceeding 30 individual lesions; or (ii) solar lentigines; or (iii) freckling, yellowing or leathering of the skin; or (iv) solar kertoses which have proven refractory to, or recurred following, medical therapies; and (d) at least medium depth peeling agents are used; and (e) the chemical peel is performed in the operating theatre of a hospital by a medical practitioner recognised as a specialist in the specialty of dermatology or plastic surgery. Applicable once only in any 12 month period (Anaes.)

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