Plastic and reconstructive surgery (medically necessary) - MBS item (30175)

The following MBS item is included in this clinical category.

Radical abdominoplasty, with repair of rectus diastasis, excision of skin and subcutaneous tissue, and transposition of umbilicus, not being a laparoscopic procedure, where the patient has an abdominal wall defect as a consequence of pregnancy, if: (a) the patient:(i) has a diastasis of at least 3cm measured by diagnostic imaging prior to this service; and(ii) has symptoms of at least moderate severity of pain or discomfort at the site of the diastasis in the abdominal wall during functional use and/or low back pain or urinary symptoms likely due to rectus diastasis that have been documented in the patient’s records by the practitioner providing this service; and(iii) has failed to respond to non-surgical conservative treatment including physiotherapy; and(iv) has not been pregnant in the last 12 months (b) the service is not a service associated with a service to which item 30165, 30651, 30655, 30168, 30171, 30172, 30176, 30177, 30179, 45530, 45564 or 45565 applies Applicable once per lifetime (H) (Anaes.) (Assist.)

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